I, Vincent Frank De Benedetto, political philosopher, and citizen of said world, assess and rate the state of the world in 2021 as:



While we're not clubbing each other over the head anymore in greedy pursuit of the tobacco, oxen, or wife of another--we're still not that far removed from such behavior, either; we still live in a world where billions spend most of their lives slaving for the benefit of another, in a socio-economic arrangement antiseptically called capitalism; where million-dollar marketing machines remain in high gear to persuade billions to buy this or that consumer item, including health products and even food, whether such items are healthy or needed, or not, in further pursuit of profit or ego. In fact, such commercial coercion must occur as long as capitalism is our chosen economic system, for without constant sales capitalism comes to a grinding halt--think 1929 global depression.

Additionally, we're still too stupid to categorically avoid violence, either small-scale or large-scale called "war," as a means of resolving difficulty or obtaining desired or required products or services or other outcomes; as we remain too stupid both to prevent, and to cogently redress, large-scale calamity such as this or that war, or the pandemics of 1918 and 2020, while at any given time millions anesthetize themselves, as well as squander the remaining moments of their lives through diversion or "entertainment" such as television or overeating, especially as containing the ubiquitous, legal, and highly-addictive numbing agent called "sugar," or through use of narcotics both legal and illegal, with even the former subject to the broad view that they are of dubious value, while the latter though nothing but pernicious find increasing sympathy for broad legalization, worldwide. All, for relief from the pain of simply living.

While traditionally, societies are also held together through organized systems of fantastical improbability called religions, global society lacks any genuine and real moral code or code of profession, such, for example, as found in Agape, which is "Brotherly Love" in the language of Greek philosophy. Lacking any real coherent, cohesive moral code, especially the Love Ethic, human beings in 2021, instead of Love toward each other based on our common humanity, remain at each other's throats individually and collectively, the character of the conflict occurring, and understood, variously both by kind, and degree.

Which is why a heinous crime such as occurred against George Floyd on May 25, 2020, or the George Floyd, as it were, of 1998, James Byrd, Jr., can, does, and will continue to happen.

The polar opposite of this substandard socio-existential tableau is Actualization, whereby society elevates itself to actually meet the zenith, or highest state or condition, including moral condition, of which it is capable. This elevation is the objective of my prose, poetry, music, radio [site pending], and other work. Nothing less.

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